We are passionate about helping people and organizations thrive in uncertain and challenging times.

Engaging our Management Consulting Services and Executive Coaching Services will enable you to:

  • Clarify your vision and define your goals
  • Raise your awareness and reduce your risks
  • Establish clear accountabilities to ensure and sustain progress
  • Enhance the effectiveness of your communication and conflict-resolution skills
  • Increase your resiliency
  • Further your personal and professional development
  • Focus on continuous improvement


Dianne Falk, founder

InCadence Associates founder, Dianne Falk, is a dynamic consultant and coach known for helping her clients to achieve powerful, long-lasting results.

Ms. Falk offers a unique perspective to her clients by drawing on lessons learned at the United States Military Academy and in the U.S. Army, and best practices gleaned from her diverse professional experience in the Federal Government, Financial Services/Banking Industry, and as a Small Business Owner.

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  • I would describe my coaching experience as time used for reflective insight into my leadership goals and evaluation of obstacles that were holding me back. It was dedicated time that forced me to set goals and be accountable for exploring and achieving these goals. My coach held me accountable by pushing me to explore thoughts even when I was unsure how I felt at the time. She asked me probing questions that forced me to go deeper. That was when I got to a level of understanding my fears.

    T.D., Director, Hotel Industry
  • My coach created a safe space for me to look inward and overcome my limiting beliefs and challenges in my leadership role. Since working with her, I have seen a vast improvement in my engagement with my Board of Directors and other key stakeholders, my confidence and success in fundraising has skyrocketed, and my overall productivity is at its peak. My coach continues to have a profound impact on my life. The journey has been hard work but we’ve also had a lot of fun!

    A.R., Founder and Executive Director, Non-Profit Industry
  • I have worked with my coach for more than a year and would highly recommend her to those who aspire to reach their personal and professional goals. She has played a pivotal role in my life from the day I lost a long-standing career to the day I ventured out to start my own company. My coach is a talented woman who listens, provokes, supports, and holds you accountable to your words but most importantly she understands what it takes to help a person reach their goals.

    J.C., Marketing Executive
  • It was great to have the time to focus on me and my development as a leader. I appreciated my coach’s role in leading me to the answer vs. telling me how I should be doing it. It was through this process that I became more self-aware of my actions and better able to respond in stressful situations.

    A.M., VP, Operations, Geospatial Intelligence Industry
  • I've had the pleasure and challenge of being coached by Dianne for about three months. I've had a handful of coaches prior to her, but with minimal results. I'm the type of person that's very hard on myself and I tend to sometimes give up before even trying. My previous coaches would let me off the hook and not hold me accountable for my actions. This was not the case with Dianne. She never let me off the hook, but did it in such a caring way where I didn't feel beat up or demeaned. I've experienced more and better results with her that I have with any other coach. I'm seeing my business growing, with a clear direction of where I'm going. My relationships with my children have gotten closer. Best of all, I'm feeling much better about myself and my capabilities for greatness.

    R.B., Entrepreneur