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small-logo Our Company Name:

  • Pays homage to the men and women of the armed services: In the armed services, a military cadence or cadence call is a traditional call-and-response work song sung by military personnel while running or marching. As a sort of work song, military cadences take their rhythms from the work being done. Many cadences have a call and response structure of which one soldier initiates a line, and the remaining soldiers complete it, thus instilling teamwork and camaraderie for completion.

  • Reflects the importance of clear alignment, defined purpose, and balance: The dictionary defines "cadence" as: 1. Balanced, rhythmic flow, as of poetry or oratory. 2. The measure or beat of movement, as in dancing or marching. 3. a. A falling inflection of the voice, as at the end of a sentence. b. General inflection or modulation of the voice. 4. Music: A progression of chords moving to a harmonic close, point of rest, or sense of resolution. 

small-logo Our Approach:

At InCadence Associates, we focus on being "in step" with our clients – ensuring that we are fully aligned with their vision, working as a team with a common purpose, and delivering outstanding, sustainable results. We tailor the rhythm and flow of our engagements to meet the cadence set by our clients and consider it our privilege to "march along beside them" as the work is done.

small-logo Our Certifications:

InCadence Associates is a SWaM Certified, Service-Disabled, Veteran Owned Small Business. 

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small-logo Our Favorite Charities:

We proudly support the following organizations:

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Make-a-Wish Foundation March of Dimes
Wounded Warrior Program Fisher House Foundation West Point Association of Graduates
The Rotary Foundation Avon Walk for Breast Cancer