Professional executive coaches are increasingly being used by organizations with astounding success.

  • According to the ICF 2012 Coaching Report, organizations spend more than $2B annually on executive coaching
  • Despite cuts in other HR resources, coaching spending has steadily increased in recent years (Kennedy Information's Consulting Wire)
  • According to the 2012 Sherpa Coaching Survey, more than nine in ten professionals who were surveyed said that they see the value in coaching as "high" or "very high"


In the words of our clients, coaching is ...

"Thought-Provoking"                   "Life Changing"                   "Time and Money Well Spent"

 InCadence Associates offers Leadership Coaching, Team Coaching, and Private Pay Coaching Services.

Leadership Coaching

An investment in the professional and personal development of your leaders

InCadence Associates helps clients:

  • Enhance their Executive Presence
  • Learn to lead with confidence
  • Develop methods to manage their emotions
  • Adopt effective stress management techniques
  • Transition smoothly to a new role
  • Prepare to lead a large, complex project or change initiative
  • Successfully transition from individual performer to people manager

Team Coaching

An investment in the development and performance of your leadership team

InCadence Associates helps clients:

  • Establish mutual trust and understanding
  • Enhance internal communication
  • Reduce conflict
  • Remove work silos
  • Overcome a significant setback
  • Enhance resiliency

Private Pay Coaching

An investment in your own professional and personal development

InCadence Associates help clients:

  • Overcome obstacles to obtain breakthrough results
  • Communicate more effectively both personally and professionally
  • Regain confidence after a job loss
  • Clarify values, identify strengths, establish goals, take action
  • Restore work/life balance

All coaching services are customized according to client need and are offered in 3-month, 6-month, 12-month, and 18-month packages.

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small-logo Assessments:

InCadence Associates offers a variety of assessment tools. Assessments provide both the coach and the client with insight into the client's strengths, natural tendencies, opportunities for growth, or typical reactions in certain situations or when interacting with certain people. The information can help establish a baseline for the development of goals and may also point out methods that are best suited to the client's preferred learning style and personality. Assessment tools may be incorporated into any coaching package or purchased as a stand-alone product.

Contact Us to find out which assessment tool(s) can best fit your needs.


small-logo Leadership Workshops:

Our leadership workshops are designed to provide experiential learning through a combination of lecture, reflection, conceptualization, and experimentation. Workshop participants are presented with new ideas/models related to the workshop topic, led through interactive discussion about the new ideas/models, given the opportunity to consider how the new ideas/models can be applied to their everyday situations, and provided with hands-on activities to enable them to test and learn. Often, clients choose to follow leadership workshops with team or individual coaching.

InCadence Associates welcomes the opportunity to tailor a leadership workshop to your individual needs. Contact Us for more information.


How the InCadence Associates Coaching Process Works

  • All potential coaching clients receive one complimentary session to determine if coaching is right for you and whether InCadence Associates is a good fit for your coaching needs. During this confidential call, we will discuss your high-level goals for coaching and answer any questions that you may have about our coaching services.

  • After a coaching package is selected, the client will be provided with a written contract along with a copy of the ICF Code of Ethics for their records. Unless other arrangements are made, a signed contract and payment is expected at the time of the first coaching session.

  • In the first coaching session, the coach will learn about the client's background in order to tailor the approach to the client's needs. Together, they will work to clarify the goals for the coaching engagement. The client will be asked to be as specific as possible about what success looks like so that progress may be measured throughout the course of the coaching engagement.
  • One or more optional assessments may be completed and, depending on the nature of the engagement, 360 feedback may be gathered. Results will be discussed with the client and used to help shape the coaching engagement.

  • Most coaching sessions include an establishment of a goal for the session, a review of progress to-date, a discussion about specific opportunities and/or setbacks, an exploration of new perspectives/practices, and a commitment to next steps.